Are you tired of hearing the same voices, same traffic noises and seeing the same faces in your neighborhood?
Does the air taste a bit stale and too familiar for your liking?
Do you feel like a butterfly trapped in a cocoon waiting to fly and you don’t know how?
If this sounds like you, then you are bored, and you need to start having fun. Life is a journey we embark on. Some people choose to travel it while staying at the same place all their lives. Others choose to do it literally and add adventure travel to their journey of life. The truth is, if you want new experiences, to meet new people and try out new cultures, staying in the same place won’t make that happen.

The bucket list

You have a bucket list, don’t you? Is your dream destination on your list?
If not, you need to redo it. If you love the active life and are a bit edgy, you will never reach your full fun potential in life until you try travelling.
Travelling lets you explore your dreams in ways that are off the book. No rules, no guidelines. You experience the epitome of freedom and the only limit to how much you can learn and do, is your imagination. It is only for the rich, right? Wrong!
Ever met somebody with just a back pack and a destination looking like they are totally enjoying every bit of their life? Seriously, that is all it takes. A few belongings, a map, a plan, a dream, a thirsty soul
and the journey of a thousand adventures and destination will unfold in front of you.
Are you ready to hit the road?
Whether you will do it solo, as a group or family, here are four simple ways to blow your mind on your adventure:

Enjoy the scenic overlook

How often do you take time to appreciate the blue sky and water, to hear the birds chirp and try to learn a song from them or even watch the sun set?

The only time we get in touch with our spiritual self and feel close to our dreams is when we are lost in the beauty of our surroundings. Did you hate rules and schedules in school? Me too. Travel gives you the luxury to be the best version of yourself while enjoying the journey. Try this. Stop over to take a drink or catch lunch on top of a cliff, take a walk on the sandbarefoot during sunset and wake up very early in the morning to do nothing but catch the earliest rays and take in the first breath of the day. Who said having fun has to be intense? These subtle and carefree ways will help you relax and savor every moment of your trip.

Make New friends, Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

As you travel the world, you will meet new people, new cultures, new foods and maybe new music. There is nothing fun and interesting about the ordinary. In the free world, nothing should be holding you back. Nothing to fear or to be ashamed of. Talk to as many people as you can and learn something new. You will realize how easy the world is when you see it through a new pair of lenses. Drop the popular belief that hanging out with friends is fun. Try strangers … time will move so fast you will wonder what you have been waiting for all your life. You could also get your first tattoo, try out a new hairdo or even hang out with the penguins.


Randomness Galore

The best kind of fun you will ever experience is hidden in spontaneity. Take your mind aback by starting one of the days in your travel without a plan. Give it a blank page and start writing on it . The adventure found in travel is out of this world, so don’t conform to the rules of time and schedules. Take goofy photos, ask a stranger out on a date, scream in the bushes, or talk to the monkeys. You can even pee on yourself if you want. Scratch that, just kidding. The point is, while travelling, you can be anything you want and do anything you can on your random day. You will find yourself laughing at all the silly things and totally enjoying the freedom. What more would you want?

Learn A Sport

If you have never played any game, this is your chance to explore the variables of life. You can stretch your body and muscle to new limits. After all, we all die anyway so why not try everything on your bucket list. For more surge and adrenaline rush, you could try edgy activities like bungee jumping, rock climbing, skateboarding or even hiking. The point here is to make sure you have wild fun and have something new to come back home with. For instance, if you find yourself in a snow covered place, snowshoeing will do the
magic. The snow shoes are strapped to your foot, and there you go, you will find yourself trekking into terrains you never thought you could.

Bottom line

Life can be anything you want, especially when you chose a life of adventure travel. You get the freedom to explore and enjoy the possibilities that the world can offer. Whether it is going on a road trip to the nearest
beach, or long travel to see the Egyptian pyramids, to take photos in Paris or even watch the wildebeests’ migration, travelling doesn’t have to be fancy and expensive. It is the fastest way to checking out
your bucket list really fast. With one adventurous trip, you can meet sixty percent of your dreams.


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