Many of us cruise by life only to end up with regrets on our death beds. Wishing we could have done all the things we wanted; at this point, all that is just wishful thinking. Following daily routines without a break is like living in a trance. We all could use a little spontaneity and zest for life. We only have one life to live; it is about time that we live actively and consciously.

It is easy to live by the same routines day in day out. Most of us don’t like change, change is difficult, and so we are trapped in a boring life. I lived by my routines religiously until one day when I started feeling like I had reached the end. It felt like there was no more to life than going to work then coming back home. Then it struck me, I was not living my life to the fullest, life was so much more than my routines. It was time to get up from my trance and enjoy life. The change was not easy at first, but I was able to gradually break my routine. Now I live with purpose.

Some of the tips that helped with my transition are:

Come up with a bucket list-this is a list of all the things you would like to do before you die. Creating this list is the first step towards breaking a monotonous life. Every time you do something on the list, you can cross it off.

Do not procrastinate- stop putting your plans off, ignoring them or postponing them. In order to achieve your dreams you have to take the necessary steps required. Putting things off will only delay your success. Put aside all the excuses and get on it. Time passes by quickly so seize the moment.

Let go off the past-don’t hold on to past failures and regrets. It is time to accept what happened and let it rest. The past cannot be changed so we have to move on from it. Learn from the mistakes then let go. It will give you peace of mind and allow you to live a better life.

Set out a life plan- you should write down your short, mid and long term goals. It is whatever you plan to achieve in the future. Keep track of your goals to see if you are actually achieving them. This will lead to a more efficient and fulfilling life.

Take care of yourself- self growth is an important aspect of success. To achieve your dreams, you must feed your mind with positivity. Allow your personality to change so that you can grow intellectually. For a happier life, you must take good care of your body and mind.

Live your life and follow your heart- do not let other people dictate how you live your life. Define your own dreams and do what makes you happy. Live your life for yourself. Stand out and be you own person.

Drop the negative energy- stop complaining and start acting on your problems. Find ways to solve your difficulties instead of complaining. By dwelling on negative thoughts, you attract more negative situations to your life. The only way to break the negative cycle is by looking at the positive side of every situation.

Be proactive- stop lying around and waiting for other people to take initiative. Set goals and pursue them, work for yourself instead of working for others. Become a go-getter and do not let anything stop you.

Do what you are passionate about-don’t be stuck working in a boring job that doesn’t make you happy. Follow your passion and make a living out of it. Make your dreams a reality by actually following them. Don’t just help other people build their dreams.

Do not worry about the things you cannot control- some things like other people’s thoughts, opinions or actions are beyond our control, dwelling on them will just bring us down. Focus on what you can do and what you can change and control.

Discover yourself-take some time off, travel to different places and interact with different people in an effort to define yourself. Figure out your purpose in life and then live by your purpose. Self-discovery is the key to a happy life. Knowing your purpose will help you achieve your dreams.

Keep on trying-failure is inevitable in the journey to success. We are bound to stumble and fall at some point. The important thing is that we rise above the fear of failing so that we are able to move on.

Don’t be afraid to burn bridges- there are some people who will not be happy to see you succeed. They will try to bring you down and the best thing for you is to cut them off. These people are toxic to your life. Keep the company of people that encourage you and offer a positive support system.

Accept constructive judgment-we have to be open to positive criticism that is going to make us better people. Follow the advice given and you will be one step closer to achieving your dream life.

Live consciously and actively- find a hobby, do something adventurous or you can do something spontaneous. Don’t let life pass you by, fill it with good and unforgettable memories.

Visualize- by conscious visualization you can actualize your dreams. Visualization gives us much needed motivation and incentive to pursue our dreams. Visualizations of you in that dream car, home, job or vacation is a big motivation.


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