Aaliyah (God rest her soul), is still my favorite all-time RnB singer. The thing I loved most about this songbird was not her prowess in articulating the different musical notes there are, but her lyrics and the effect they had on me in my younger years. My favorite lyric goes, If at first, you don’t succeed, try again.’
A lot of people try to attach some meaning to their life. We work hard in school, pass our exams, graduate with distinctions, and in some cases get the best jobs. However, most people in that position still lose sleep at night because they feel something is missing. Others devote years of their lives to science or religion and still feel a void in their souls.

The reason this void exists is due to our lack of time to take in the daily occurrences, which are signs from the universe about to a more profound purpose. I remember reading the law of attraction a few years ago and thinking, what is all this woowooo stuff? It wasn’t until two years ago that I decided to act on it and you won’t believe the benefits I’m reaping today.

Investing your energy into inner work helps you connect with your deeper self, which helps you live life to the fullest. We all want that happy, stress-free, and fulfilling life, and it is achievable; all you have to do is make a choice and never turn back. Our brains are brainwashed on a daily basis due to our consumerism culture.

Society no longer allows people to think for themselves, and as we have witnessed with new age generations, technology does the thinking. This hedonistic approach to life might put a smile on your face for a few hours, but the following day you will still have the same emptiness. A meaningful life is the key to both spiritual and personal growth and helps give your life a constructive direction.

The list of friends that I have who always complain about their jobs and inability to achieve true happiness is endless. However, I keep encouraging them, and some of them have transcended normal society expectations and now lead free and meaningful lives. However, it is not an easy feat as it requires a lot of dedication and a winner’s mindset.

If you wish to have a meaningful life, here are some of the things you should practice.

• Patience, nothing comes easy but never give up.

• Starve your gratification.

• Think long-term; the present is fleeting; the future is always beckoning.

• Take ownership, don’t let society dictate your life, it’s yours alone.

• Take responsibility. Actions have consequences, be wise in your decision making.

• Plan for it; perhaps the most important tip to a full life.

All these tips mean nothing if you are not dedicated. We pick up gym classes and drop them after a few weeks; how you expect to achieve that toned physique if you quit on the process? If the gym is too hard for you, pick up a sport as I did. I love learning new sports, like riding a motorcycle, snowboarding and even taking up helicopter-flying lessons!

Apart from being physically fit, I made a few friends, and some have gone on to become more like brothers. We share experiences and have helped each other professionally on multiple occasions. Three months ago I went on my first bike cruise through the country, and I have never felt such a rush in my life. Living life on the edge has a way of making your deepest purpose known to you, which helps you lead a full life.

What’s not to love about motorcycle cruises? Here are some advantages.

• Joining a fun-loving community

How many times have you pulled up to a filling station and talked to a stranger driving the same car as you? I bet not even once. Motorcycles are the easiest way to make friends, and if you are on a cruise, you will meet a lot of free spirits that will give you a different outlook on life.

• Enjoying Nature

People living in the city understand just how the congestion and pollution can get under your skin. My bike cruise took me to the country where it was quiet and peaceful; I could hear myself think were it not for my motorcycle’s engine. Nature’s aroma is invigorating and can help restructure your thoughts; brilliant ideas come to us when we are in fellowship with nature.


Aside from the two benefits mentioned above, a motorcycle cruise can also help relieve stress and instills a sense of discovery. The world is too big to limit yourself to your small city or town. Explore this vast biosphere, and you will be surprised at the extent of fulfillment and meaning you will add to your life, just by taking a leap of faith.


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