If you have a passion for travel and enjoy challenging your body, simply continue reading to discover how adventure travel can change your life and your body.

Four ways that adventure travel can change your life:

1. You’ll be able to hone new skills

Instead of spending your travel fund on souvenirs, why not learn a new skill, which you’ll be able to use for the rest of your life? As an example, you may be keen on the idea of learning how to ski or snow board in the Swiss Alps or you may be enthused by the idea of gaining your PADI scuba diving qualification in the crystal blue waters of Tahiti.

Not only will you pick up a new skill, which you’ll be able to use on future vacations but you’ll also get to befriend like minded travelers who are passionate about exploring the great outdoors.

So if one of your short term bucket list goals is to embark on a solo adventure, it’s definitely worth signing up for ad adventure focused course. As while part of the point of solo travel is to challenge yourself in unfamiliar environments, a huge part of travel is the connections you make on your adventures.

2. Adventure travel will help you sculpt the fit, toned body of your dreams

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend countless hours in a gym, in order to obtain the body of your dreams. Instead you’ll be able to sculpt your body and increase your fitness, stamina and strength by engaging in adventure sports such as hiking, rock climbing and surfing.

Remember that the key to maintaining a killer body, isn’t to starve yourself or to workout excessively, the key to sculpting a fit, strong body is to make regular fitness part of your everyday life. If you travel regularly and make sports and adventure the focus of your trips, you’re sure to look toned and fit in all of your travel photos.

3. Adventure tourism will allow you to gain a unique perspective on the world around you

While it’s definitely worth checking popular tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower and the Coliseum off your bucket list, it’s definitely worth going off the beaten tourist track. As an example, just imagine exploring the Alaskan wilderness from the back of a dog sled. Or standing on top a mountain in New Zealand, taking in stunning 360 views of your surroundings, on a heli-skiing tour.

In some destinations you may also be lucky enough to have a local instructor or tour guide, who’ll be able to share their favorite parts of their region with you. As an example, an adventure tour guide may be able to take you on a horse trek or a hike to a remote waterfall, where you’ll be able to swim underneath a waterfall. Or your surf instructor in Mexico, may be able to drive you to a private beach, off the beaten tourist track.

4. You’ll be able to participate in major sporting events

Once you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, you may want to start signing up for international sporting events. As an example, if you want truly want to test your body and push your body to new limits, you may want to consider signing up for a triathlon or a marathon.

For the ultimate challenge why now push yourself to qualify for the prestigious New York Marathon. Or if you’re looking to travel further afield, you may want to take on the Great Wall Marathon in Beijing or the Sydney Marathon in Australia. Alternatively, if you’ve always dreamed of visiting Hawaii. You may want to train for the annual Iron Man challenge, which takes place on the island of Kona.

Often, having a goal to work towards such as a marathon or a triathlon, will ensure that you keep motivated to keep to your fitness regime. As an example, you’re far more likely to get up at 5 am for an early morning run if you have an international marathon on the horizon.

If you’re not interested in running 26 miles, don’t be put off as there are plenty of 10 km runs around the world. Some of which offer fun themes such as Disneyland’s Star Wars themed fun runs. Which take place in Paris as well as in the US.

So what are you waiting? There’s no time like the present to get off your sofa and explore the great outdoors.


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